Coventry, UK. August 2016 through March 2017. 

The first stage of training to become an airline pilot through the route that I took is ground school. Ground school consists of 14 subjects recognised by EASA giving the best theoretical knowledge basis for upcoming pilots. All 14 subjects were concluded by an exam.

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Coventry Training Centre

One of the training centres that facilitates ground school is located at Coventry Airport. The training centre offers a nice view on the airport, which could sometimes lead to a distraction. 


Three modules

As mentioned, ground school consists of 14 subjects ranging from Air Law to Aircraft General Knowledge. The subjects have been spread out over three modules to ensure a consistent workload over the whole period of ground school. Exams are held at each end of the respective modules. The pass mark for these exams is 75%.



At the airside of the training centre, multiple classic airplanes are parked. An Avro Shackleton, several Douglas DC3's and a DC4 are just a few of the ones that can be found there. With permission from an instructor it was possible to capture these legends.

© Daan van der Heijden